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Thank you to all sponsors and supporters

As a community club, we rely on our volunteers, sponsors and our supporters for contributions throughout the year.
Their generosity and support enable us to maintain a continued service to our members and to the community.

Why Sponsor Us

With our long club history and our passionate members and the last 2+ years being restricted due to lockdowns, our calendar has never been so full. We have 11 Club Championships, 5 Major Tournaments, 2 Inter-club Seasons we call Pennants, where we see people from all over the regions at out club over each multi-week season, all on top of our busy weekly schedule

This means a lot of bowls, and lots of people coming to our club to enjoy the facilities. Let’s not forget to mention the regular bookings for Barefoot Bowls that we welcome at the club. You can see our full schedule here.

With our busy schedule and our passion to bring the community together, we want to make the best experience for our member as possible. We aim to do this by offering more fun, more prizes, more rewards, more opportunities to get out and get active and enjoy it at every step taken.

To be able to offer this, we need your help, but what’s in it for you? We want to work with you to see how we can grow your business. We’ve put together a few ideas, and are happy to discuss new ways to work together. Some ideas we have ready to put into action;

What We Offer

We have various signage options available around the club. We even pay for the sign!

  • Large – 2400mm * 1200mm (only 2 available)
  • Medium – 1200mm * 900mm (only 4 available)
  • Small A – 500mm * 485mm – Drink Holders
  • Small B – 600 * 260 – Score Boards

At the end of this season we are looking to present our club champions with a limited edition winners shirt. These shirts will be worn for many years to come as they will be the pride and joy of the club champions. This  opportunity should not be missed to have your business promoted for years to come.

Various options available:

  • Front Logo
  • Back Logo – Large
  • Back Logo – Small
  • Sleeve Logo – Small

We can promote your business at multiple events throughout the year.

  • Pull Up banners at events
  • 5 minute live stand up promotion
  • Promotions on event publications
  • Promotions on event emails
  • Champions awarded in front of your signage

Be showcased on our Sponsors page here on our website.

We can promote your business on our social media channels. Check us out on Facebook Today.

Our Weekly Newsletter showcases our sponsors, various options available.

We love our sponsors and supporters, we promote your business during our weekly social games all year long.

Free Barefoot Bowls Day for your business (Max 20 people)

  • Platinum Sponsor can have 2 parties in the year
  • Platinum Sponsor party will include a free BBQ
  • Gold Sponsor can have 1 party in the year
  • Includes pre party coaching session


Our sponsors receive free social member and all member benefits including discounted drinks.

Package Options

Thank You

Thank you for considering us as an option to work together for the better of our community.

Ready be part of the Windsor Bowls team?

Windsor Bowling & Sports clubs membership is open to men & women of all ages. You can sign up as a full or social member. There are many club members who are happy to teach and coach beginners the technique of Lawn Bowls.